Tazewell Football Boosters, INC.
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Dear Friends and Supporters of the Tazewell Bulldogs: 

We would like to offer the opportunity to support the Tazewell Bulldog football program by purchasing an advertising banner at Bulldog Stadium for the 2024 football season. Your banner will be seen by thousands of people and will show our athletes, parents, and the rest of our community your support of the Tazewell Bulldogs! 

The banners will be prominently displayed around Bulldog Stadium’s exterior fence, meaning your sign will receive daily exposure from parents, teachers, and students passing by, as well as being seen by anyone attending all varsity, JV, middle school and youth league football games.



1) We plan to hang banners the first week of August and they will remain up throughout the 2024 Football season. 

2) We will protect your banner by taking it down during extreme weather or high winds. We will store the banners at the end of the season to be re-used in the 2025 season. 

3) The annual Banner Sponsorship for a new banner is $325 & a renewal is $225.
However, a $50 discount will be offered if you submit payment before August 1st. 

4) Your  4’ x 8’ sponsorship banner will be custom made to your exact specifications. Please attach a business card, design, or sketch for your banner design or email it to 

5) Please note that your donation is tax-deductible and we will gladly provide a receipt for your records. 

To become a 2024 Tazewell Football Banner Sponsor, simply complete the attached form and include your fee, made payable to:
Tazewell Football Boosters, INC. –  P.O. Box 1176, North Tazewell, VA 24630.

For online payments please email with your sponsorship selection and visit or scan the QR code on page 2 to take you to our online donation page. 


2024 Tazewell Football Banner Sponsorship Invoice

Organization Name: _______________________________________________________

Mailing Address:       _______________________________________________________

City: __________________ State: ________________ Zip Code: ___________________

Please select your contribution: 

___________________   New sponsorship banner for the 2024 season ($325)

___________________   Renewal sponsorship banner for the 2024 season ($225)

*Please note that there is a $50 discount applied if payment is received by August 1st, 2024.

*  In addition to the banner sponsorship, we are kindly requesting your consideration of providing additional support to our football program, given the escalating expenses associated with food, equipment, and other essential items used on a daily basis.
While extra contributions are voluntary, we sincerely appreciate any donations you may offer, as they will significantly contribute to ensuring a successful season for our athletes.

I would like to donate $______________ in addition to the 2024 banner sponsorship.


I would like to donate $__________________  in lieu of the 2024 banner sponsorship.


Please return this form along with a check to:
Tazewell Football Boosters, INC.  –   P.O. Box 1176 North Tazewell, VA 24630

For online payments please email with your sponsorship selection and visit or scan the QR code below to take you to our online donation page.

Your support is greatly appreciated by our players, coaching staff, and boosters. If you have any

questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Phone: 276-202-6538                   Email: