Tazewell fell on the road to the Ridgeview Wolfpack, losing 35-0 and putting an end to the 2022 season.


Arguably the most heartbreaking aspect of Saturday’s game for Bulldogs fans was the team’s self-inflicted wounds — and there were a lot of them.


The Bulldogs had 3 unsportsmanlike penalties in the game and committed 3 turnovers.


Ridgeview quarterback Ryan O’Quinn was 11-of-13 passing for 134 yards and a TD pass to Koda Counts. O’Quinn also had a TD run.


Cannon Hill added three rushing touchdowns for the Wolfpack and finished with 89 yards on 16 carries.


Since the Bulldogs’ last playoff win during the 2008 season, they have lost 8 straight playoff games. In that time, they’ve amassed seven losses on the road and one loss at home.


Tazewell is 2-17 in their 19 road postseason games. The Bulldogs have now lost 10 straight road playoff games.


In addition, Head Coach J’me Harris is now 0-4 in the postseason. The average score during those four losses is 39-12.


Tazewell was limited to 123 total yards on 45 plays compared to 241 yards on 39 plays for Ridgeview. The Wolfpack averaged 6.2 yards per play, as opposed to 2.7 for the Bulldogs.


Tazewell finished the season 6-5 and 3-1 in Southwest District play. The Tazewell senior class finishes with 21 wins and four playoff appearances. Despite the Covid shortened spring season, the 21 wins is the most wins by a Tazewell senior class since 2008.

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